Need to move to a new place?

TLC Recovery homes, transitional living services and TLCR Centers have been recognized as tremendous benefits to the communities we serve.

We offer a much-needed, unique approach to changing lives. TLCR will provide you with the tools you need to stay clean for the rest of your life, one day at a time.

Housing means a lot to all of us, a place to live, a place to get back on your feet again, a safe environment. TLCR housing allows you to collectively gather yourself to get your life back on track.

TLC RecoveryYou are not alone because you have others working on similar goals with as support network. You learn responsibility, learn to remain focus, get employment pay your bills, chores and become self sufficient.

Housing helps because it provides a safe stable recovery environment with a built in support system collaborated by housemates and peer staff.

Housing at TLCR is unique because they offer support in building yourself back up by providing all the options that can be utilized as resources. TLCR housing encourages and motivates its members to go out in the community and look for work, become self sufficient and develop a recovery atmosphere. Helps us learn how to develop the housing and living skills we neglected so we can get to where we want to be at with a better life.


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